Wedding Parties

Wedding Parties Volume 1 Press Kit

“How far will you go for your Dream Wedding?”

Check out Wedding Parties at our Tapastic page for regular single chapter releases. The self published release of “Wedding Parties: Volume 1” is a 160 page perfect-bound softcover book with colour covers, a black & white interior and can be found online at our Amazon store.

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Wedding Parties Volume 1 Cover Page

Wedding preparation is boring, stressful, rage inducing work and in Wedding Parties you can add fierce to that list. Couples along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen must face off against other parties head on in vicious competition to attain the perfect nuptial ceremony during Wedding Season. In an environment where magic and swordplay are commonplace, is there room for questions about monetary restrictions and manipulative Wedding Party members?

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Graham Wolcott has proposed to Olivia Streggheria and she’s over the moon. Now that the lucky duo are locked and loaded for holy matrimony she unveils to him her girlhood wedding binder of the ultimate, glamorous dream wedding. It’s uncompromising content details the where, the when, the how, the what (and even the why) to the tiniest detail. What’s not inside this meticulous binder is financial uncertainty, wedding party discourse, impatience, frustration, monetary deadlines, mages, swordsmen, violent punks and highly unrealistic expectations.

In the world of Wedding Parties the betrothed couples must FIGHT for every detail of their special day. From the florists to the venue itself, every wedding aspect must be fought tooth and nail during the tumultuous Wedding Season. Fortunately the Groom and Bride won’t be alone. They’ll have their extraordinary wedding parties by their side to take on other parties for wedding supremacy (just like the old-school RPGs on cartridges as big as this book.) With the combined might of an assassin, battle mage, item mage, knight, monk, and engineer, can they take their favourite couple to the altar?

It might also help that the Bride is a powerful, body morphing witch with several tricks up her sleeve.

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Character Information:

Olivia Stregheria

Olivia Stregheria:

The Bride

The beloved bride-to-be of this story. She has extraordinary abilities due to her witch heritage but has the unfortunate downside with the lack of any limits on what is considered too extravagant.

She’s been dreaming of this day ever since she was little, a fact that’s physically clear with her wedding binder that’s thicker than the phone book. In terms of the perfect wedding for her, she can go as high as the moon (but no less). Since Olive is one of the rare cases of being a full blooded, 100% witch, she has the power to change her physical form into anyone she chooses to be and can store items in her halo. Whatever she is required to be in any situation, she can become it.

Graham Wolcott

Graham Wolcott:

The Groom

Graham Wolcott is either the luckiest guy on the planet or the most unfortunate fellow you’ll ever encounter. He loves his fiancée and would do anything for her, even fight off volatile mercenaries, punks and even his own family to deliver to her the ultimate wedding.

His quest begins in Volume 1 as he strives to gain the perfect venue, the acceptance of his in-laws and the confidence to be a man worthy of Olivia Stregheria. Unfortunately he had no clue he had to do any of it prior to his engagement and has no idea of his true ability, instead opting to succeed by the skin of his nose. Gray is more weighed down by his own internal struggle with identity, dynasty, and a secret side to himself that’s taking a lot of his energy to suppress. Nice guy, though.

Katherine Elliot

Katherine Elliot:

The Maid of Honour

Olivia’s best friend (just by a smidge) is the lovely Katherine Elliot. She’s the tactical leader of the Bridal party with the experience and skills to pull victories off from any situation.

Her strength and brawn are mired only by her intense sense of pride. Beware her wrath should you ever undermine her.

Becky Battersby

Becky Battersby:

The First Bridesmaid

Olives other best friend is her spunky endless source of energy, Becky Battersby. She’s the bridal parties source of physical strength and positive morale.

Don’t let her short stature deceive you, she packs quite the punch (despite not being able to read the room.)

Nicolette Delacroix

Nicolette Delacroix:

The Last Bridesmaid

Nicole Delacroix is the complete package. She’s beautiful, rich, graceful, and French. It may be these traits that causes her to have an inflated ego that has a way of antagonizing people around her.

Her placement in the Bridal party is only due to the fact that she’s dating Kendrick, Grahams cousin whom he wishes to keep good relations with.

Kendrick Wolcott

Kendrick Wolcott:

The ‘Best Man’

Ken Wolcott is Grays childhood cousin whom he grew up with. He’s business savvy, deeply connected to the Wolcott family, and has charismatic charm.

Although a tactician at heart, his sole strategy is relying on himself to solve all problems. Truth be told, he probably has everything at his disposal to succeed with his abilities alone. Unlike Graham he believes to know who he is, what his path is, and is unashamed in using his full potential to get the upper hand.

Rolando Appolion

Rolando Appolion:

The First Groomsmen

Grahams roommate also happens to be his good friend. A good source of sage advice and a helping hand, Roland isn’t afraid to tell Gray what he thinks. He doesn’t say much about himself and much about his life is a mystery but his loyalty to his friends is clear.

He’s chock full of wisdom and advice that he’s willing to dispense with whether Gray asks for it or not. He never pushes the issue but he’ll let you know exactly what he thinks and his pessimistic predictions tend to be on the nose.

Simon Elwood

Simon Elwood:

The Second Groomsmen

Few can call themselves a genius, Simon Elwood is one of those people. A master, mechanical engineer that can close the link between the human genome and the machines he creates, allowing for brain controlled robotic devices.

Although the smallest in stature, he compensates his shortcomings via his creations to give him the best of all worlds.

Pixie Stregheria

Pixie Stregheria:

The Wild Card

Pixie Stregheria is Olives devoted cousin who looks up to her as well as her dear friends like sisters. She is supportive of anything Olivia does with an almost fanatical fascination.

Her hobbies include fire, her teddy bear Mr. Teddington and the lore of her family bloodline which is rich with many tales she’d love to discover more about.

Finch (The Cat)

Finch (The Cat):

The Cat

Finch the Cat is Grahams cat. His mother was a Maine Coone and his father an American Shorthair. He’s protective and devoted to his master to an admirable degree.

Jason Rodway is a Filipino British hybrid born in England and raised in Saudi Arabia. His upbringing consisted of traveling to many places around the globe until finally settling in Toronto, Canada where he seeks to make a name for himself in the illustrious Toronto Comic Community as his first step to world domination.


Together with his wife, they formed Heavens*Legend as an outlet for his constant desire to create. During their engagement he got the idea for Wedding Parties while playing Final Fantasy Tactics. He put two and two together and that’s what lead to the creation of his first comic series.

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