New Comic! Project FAnG

I think it’s about time to announce a little project I’ve been working on for the last several weeks. Now presenting FAnG! A short one off that’s in the outlining stages but I’m very confident about unleashing in the early months 0f 2017 .

The story is of a High Schooler who seems to be the absolute bottom rung of the social ladder and is harassed endlessly by his cohorts. Day in and day out, it feels his life doesn’t seem to improve yet there’s one thing that sets him apart from everyone else. He has the powers of an almighty God alien that gives him super strength, the ability to fly and the swiftness of the wind which he uses to fight off giant beasts and creatures that threaten his city.

It’s moving along really well and I’m particularly proud of what I’m making so far. Stay tuned for FAnG!