Reiku’s Musings: The Fun Stuff

For the last several months I’ve been in a frustration editing period for my comic work. I believe I’ve said it before that it’s necessary but inglorious work that I can’t really share. It also takes time away from creating work that I can share on Twitter. Once I get in that mind set it’s like a train barrelling down the countryside, once it stops, delays are catastrophic to its deadlines. Continue reading “Reiku’s Musings: The Fun Stuff”


Reiku’s Musings: Work Without Thought

This year I decided to try to increase my productivity but not with ways that have proven to not work with me. I started a work journal with the Day One app and would log in the results of the days work whether I did anything or not much at all. I’ve been pretty rigorous with it as well, remember sometimes as I lie in bed that I forgot to do it (I’d just grab my phone and do it then and there.)

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Reiku’s Musings: Moving Forward into 2017

image2I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by putting this out there but I’d like to put down into words what I aim to achieve in 2017. In my previous post I stated all the invaluable things I gained and earned from 2016 that I’ll take with me onward. I have a new sense of direction and goals that I’d like to zero on, so I’ll take a gamble by humiliating myself with putting myself out there. Continue reading “Reiku’s Musings: Moving Forward into 2017”

Reiku’s Musings: Reflecting on 2016

image1As this year draws to a close, I’d like to look back on what I’ve done and what I’ve learned in 2016. In order to proceed into the upcoming new year, it’d be wise to sift through the good and the bad to figure out how to improve myself. This last year has been especially eventful but even though I look back on everything with a filthy filter I can’t entirely accept that it was all bad. There were a lot of firsts, a lot of money and time spent without much gain but there were gains to be had that will prove invaluable in 2017. With that said I’d like to take this opportunity to count my blessings and even create a positive spin on the bad. Continue reading “Reiku’s Musings: Reflecting on 2016”

Reiku’s Musings: The Wind Down (You Need This)

reikus-musingsPressure. Pressure to keep at it. Pressure to be good. Pressure because everyone’s watching. Creating work constantly and publishing on social media means that results are very black and white. But in order to be your best, you need to take care of your mental health.

This comes from a place of severe anxiety and low self esteem but even I can recognize that in order to be efficient, I need to be at least a little relaxed. I’ve gotten a tad bit better as of late but I used to be terrible with it. Slacking off or even deviating from the plan meant a dark, crippling sense of guilt loomed over my head.

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Reiku’s Musings: Striving for Perfection

reikus-musings-03Salvador Dali once said: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”. This among many other nuggets of wisdom stick with me, the lesson is strong and quite basic. Dwelling over the details and flaws is similar to digging yourself into a hole. I agree with it from a logical stand point and can even stand here and preach it as the righteous path.

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Reiku’s Musings: The Many Faces of Independent Comic Work

reikus_musings_-_02I must confess to being somewhat of a Task Master. I have it in my head if I want something done right, it’s easier if I just do it rather than explain how to do it or what I want. Because of this I’ve done everything regarding my comic by myself. What this means is that it comes with a plethora of jobs for me to do:

Shader/Colourist (on occasion)

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Reiku’s Musings: Failure – The Art of Persistence

reikus_musings_-_01The path to anywhere is not perfect, failure is inevitable and all part of the journey. There’s layovers, the unpredictable tripping hazards, or even matters completely above and beyond our control. But the way we learn from it is what decides everything. In the end there’s two options; give up or keep going.

Having said that I myself am experiencing such bumps and at times it feels like nothing but bumps. My work fails to get attention even in the appropriate forum and I’m trying to figure out *why?* This question is so open ended however. Is it the product? Is it the way I communicate my product? Does it pale in comparison to other peoples works?

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