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Hello and welcome to our little endeavour of art, humour, culture and entertainment that we call Heavens Legend. This channel is an ongoing effort of two people that started long ago but begins a new life in the form of this site for all to enjoy. My name is Jason and I go by the pen name, Reiku (Ray – ku), the main creative contributor who is currently penning the Heavens Legend webcomic titled Webcom and masterminding a new comic project called Wedding Parties. To find out more about me and what I’m up to click the links below. I’m ambitious and have many ideas I struggle to bring to life but that’s where my better half comes in to make sense of the chaotic ball of twine inside my mind.



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That’d be me, Jenni – aka: Nikkou (Nee – Koh), the sensible and rational one of this partnership. Organization, brainstorming, creativity and beauty are my main passions which I vow to expand upon with Heavens Legend. I have a lot of experience and technical training with sketching and painting but am still searching for my artistic voice and believe that this’ll be the perfect outlet to find it. But most of all I hope to seek out like minded people to share our knowledge and ideas with. If you love comics, animation, drawing, and the creative process, Heavens Legend is definitely the place for you.




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