Reiku’s Musings: The Fun Stuff

For the last several months I’ve been in a frustration editing period for my comic work. I believe I’ve said it before that it’s necessary but inglorious work that I can’t really share. It also takes time away from creating work that I can share on Twitter. Once I get in that mind set it’s like a train barrelling down the countryside, once it stops, delays are catastrophic to its deadlines.

But I’ve hit a new stage that I’m so happy to be in you have NO idea. Sketch phase. Don’t think just sketch. Sketch this stick figure. Do it. DO IT!

I like to sketch on the subway, get some work done while on my commute. But at the same time I’m always juggling WHAT to sketch. I believe I should be squeezing every ounce of my day but I end up wasting time on sketches I never pursue. But this comic sketch work is essential. It needs to be done. My brain doesn’t overthink it and it’s a problem I wish I didn’t have for illustration. My brain is muddled and overthinks every line, every piece I work on to the point of burn out and frustration.

It’s also the reason why I don’t pursue live-streaming or speed paint videos. But now I feel confident enough for scheduled stream days that I can take control of.


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