Reiku’s Musings: Work Without Thought

This year I decided to try to increase my productivity but not with ways that have proven to not work with me. I started a work journal with the Day One app and would log in the results of the days work whether I did anything or not much at all. I’ve been pretty rigorous with it as well, remember sometimes as I lie in bed that I forgot to do it (I’d just grab my phone and do it then and there.)

The whole endeavour has been useful in keep track of my work pattern and to reflect on where to go next but that’s not what I’m writing about now. What I found interesting is what I wrote. It’s simple, coherent and pretty reliable writing. Not perfect but pretty good. It’s less than 5 minutes worth of writing yet if it’s anything else I get pretty stuck.

Why is that?

The act of the journal is a log of events for not many people other than myself. It doesn’t matter if it’s fantastic or terrible, it has a very specific job that I fully comprehend. If I were to write for the comic or something for an audience, that’s when my brain gets bombarded with additional questions, doubts, second guesses, and other such hindrances.

I think that’s why way back when I was a lot more productive with my writing when I added booze to the mix. The buzz probably hindered the quality of my work but at least the mindlessness created a foundation I could build upon or even rearrange later.

From now on I’ll try to be more flexible and be a risk taker. That way I can trudge forward creatively.


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