Reiku’s Musings: Getting It Together

reikus_musings_-_04One of my plans for 2017 was getting organized. I wasn’t too clear or concise on what I meant since I think it’s obvious but when I cleared off my desk and decided I’d like to pull in the reigns and get my stuff together, it wasn’t as obvious as I thought.

Having a functioning workflow is a fascination to me. I’m obsessed with Lifehackers various articles on ‘Featured Workspaces‘, ‘What’s in my Bag‘, and especially ‘How I Work‘. I love seeing how people work and what makes them so functional. Inspiring workspaces and advice to get stuff done has me reflecting on what I can do to make my endeavours more productive. Cleaner desk? More monitors? More mobility? LESS mobility?

I’ve read tons of these articles and a lot of the information I’ve absorbed over the years tend to contradict each other. It evolves, changes, becomes obsolete and then returns to begin the cycle all over again. Sometimes I read the same advice over and over again that just doesn’t work for me. Let me address the more popular ones.

To Do Lists: I must’ve tried a dozen different to do apps. Complicated ones. Simpler ones. I’ve tried ones that turn to do lists into a game that gives rewards and points and makes the whole thing fun. It just doesn’t work for me. To me having a to do list is another project in of itself that I need to wrangle up and maintain. Personally I’m very aware of what needs to be done. It’s constantly present in my brain. Sometimes that can be stressful, work is always on my brain but that’s what makes the to do list irrelevant.

Multiple Monitors: I LOOOVE seeing other peoples workspaces. The way they lay out their desks. Dock the laptop into hub and it transforms into a desktop. Multiple monitors for multiple tasks, right? More distractions for me. I’m easily distracted. As I said in my resolutions, less YouTube and more music. All I need is one screen to draw on. If I need reference, or secondary tasks, I’ve got the iPad for that. (Maybe that makes what I just said untrue?)

Pomodoro Timer: For those who don’t know, Pomodoro timer is where you do solid 15 minutes of work and take a break for 5 minutes. The time limits range, the conditions are variable but in the end this one simply isn’t right for me. Once I get into a good work groove, why would I derail myself to stop for 5 minutes? A good work groove is like the star power up in Mario Brothers, you gotta hold on and make the most of it.

So what IS my plan? Currently it’s up in the air but I know what I CAN do is create short term goals and reach for them. To accompany this I’m going back onto daily journaling of my progress. Through journaling I can say what I’ve done and have a small blurb of what I can do. I can reflect on my work processes and react to my workflow from a birds eye perspective.

I’m going to try to create a calendar but I don’t have many events or dates I want to keep track of. It’s possible to create a calendar of convention dates but it’s never clear when it’s possible to apply to them as an artist. For that I just need to keep my ear to the ground and follow them on the social mediers.


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