Reiku’s Musings: The Wind Down (You Need This)

reikus-musingsPressure. Pressure to keep at it. Pressure to be good. Pressure because everyone’s watching. Creating work constantly and publishing on social media means that results are very black and white. But in order to be your best, you need to take care of your mental health.

This comes from a place of severe anxiety and low self esteem but even I can recognize that in order to be efficient, I need to be at least a little relaxed. I’ve gotten a tad bit better as of late but I used to be terrible with it. Slacking off or even deviating from the plan meant a dark, crippling sense of guilt loomed over my head.

’Why am I playing games?!’ The thought bellows in my head. ’This is pointless! Do something useful! You can’t get any better doing this, get back to your desk!’

The thoughts haunt me constantly, making the act essentially pointless. So I kinda stopped having fun for awhile, choosing to watch YouTube videos as I draw but even that was kind of distracting.

However this was before I really got into Steam games and really dove into an avenue of Indie games that made things more manageable. The beauty of Indie games is they are cheaper and shorter to digest. Shorter games means there’s a clear, definite ending. They’re experimental with creative art styles that I add to my reference list. Something is attained from it that’s entertaining and relaxing.

This is a personal preference of course and this is what works for me. Everyone is different and we all have a certain way of being productive. Being productive means soothing the soul to alleviate stress and burdens to allow the mind better functionality.

Plus also the act of drawing is fun I guess.


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