Reiku’s Musings: The Many Faces of Independent Comic Work

reikus_musings_-_02I must confess to being somewhat of a Task Master. I have it in my head if I want something done right, it’s easier if I just do it rather than explain how to do it or what I want. Because of this I’ve done everything regarding my comic by myself. What this means is that it comes with a plethora of jobs for me to do:

Shader/Colourist (on occasion)

Each portion of the comic is a full person to take on but I’m a control freak. I’m unsure if I could pass it off into someone else’s hands confidently. *’Would I be able to do it?’* I wonder on occasion. Part of me thinks that I don’t want to deal with follow up questions that I fear would make me look stupid or incompetent (not a difficult task to do.) It’s just easier this way I suppose, maybe one day I’ll get an assistant (HAH!)

But that’s not all. That’s only concerning the comic. On top of the comic work I do attend conventions, maintain numerous social media accounts, *try* to upkeep a website, and work a full time job. Evidently it’s not enough I find as I begin the work of bringing my printed work of Wedding Parties Vol. 1 to the streets!

According to conversations I need to go on a pilgrimage to numerous stores across the city (and eventually, the province of Ontario, Candana) and break some peace bread with them. *Holy crap!* I think to myself. I’ve got to add a couple more job titles to this list!


I just want to make comics! I knew there would be some stuff that would expand beyond what I’d like to do but this is craziness! The kicker is I’m not even GOOD at any of this stuff! I’m failing miserably while I still struggle to get lift off. So room for improvement there, eh what what?

In summary, being an independent comic creator is more than just being a comic creator. In this age of digital distribution and advertising, we are responsible for our own image, our own product and how people perceive it. For some it’s amazing and easy to do. For myself? …………….It’s a little harder to pull off.


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