Reiku’s Musings: Failure – The Art of Persistence

reikus_musings_-_01The path to anywhere is not perfect, failure is inevitable and all part of the journey. There’s layovers, the unpredictable tripping hazards, or even matters completely above and beyond our control. But the way we learn from it is what decides everything. In the end there’s two options; give up or keep going.

Having said that I myself am experiencing such bumps and at times it feels like nothing but bumps. My work fails to get attention even in the appropriate forum and I’m trying to figure out *why?* This question is so open ended however. Is it the product? Is it the way I communicate my product? Does it pale in comparison to other peoples works?

What am I doing wrong?

I sat at a convention for 9 hours by myself on a Saturday at the heart of Toronto in a free venue where there was massive traffic and only made a sad number of sales. During those hours of what felt like solitary confinement these were the questions that were bouncing about in my piddly, anxiety prone brain. Giving up and quitting came up at several points but when it came back to being at home I still picked up the stylus and kept on drawing. Instinct tells me to soldier on. I’m a slave to that inhibition at this point since it’s become a big part of my life and who I am. It’s finding a way to make it work and overcoming certain flaws that I should be zeroing in on.

There’s a vague list of things I can do to improve, certain holes in my itinerary that I need to address. I’m going to rethink my strategy and try things from a new angle. Unfortunately it’s an angle I’m terrible at. I need to dive deeper into the world of social media to garner more attention.

Failure is not flattering. It definitely doesn’t feel great and can be absolutely humiliating. But it is a necessary evil in order to become better. Make mistakes so you can make even bigger mistakes to overcome. Practice. Fail. Improve.


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