Reiku’s Musings: First Convention Lessons


Last weekend was our first convention booth. It was a longtime coming and years of artwork experience would finally be viewed in an open public space. Lots of time, money and energy was invested into this one weekend, so how did it turn out? It depends on how you look at it.

From a monetary point of view it was a colossal failure. We only made a fraction back of what we put into the booth. It was only because of major restructuring did things majorly pick up. We did however get our moneys worth in experience. We learned what makes a successful convention booth, what people want, and what direction to steer in to gain traffic.

A point of recognition.

The general public doesn’t want to take a risk on a product it doesn’t recognize. Therefore I need to combine my artistic experience and style with popular licenses and franchises. This was a point of discussion we had before going in, it was a lesson we half understood but being assigned a booth in the COMIC MARKET of Anime North was extremely misleading, especially since its a con we’ve never been to.

We don’t intend to sell out our credibility or pride, so I intend to meet this halfway in a way that meets the earlier criteria that I’m satisfied with.


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