Reiku’s Musings: First Convention Booth

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This weekend marks a long awaited goal for Heavens Legend, our first convention booth. Ever since March when it was confirmed officially I made a change in plans to prepare for the occasion, the printing of our first book (so it’s a double first for us.) Unfortunately I underestimated the process of editing for print which ended up eating much more time than anticipated. It was my intended goal for the first few months of 2016 to get Wedding Parties properly edited, coherent and up to the visual standard I created beyond the third chapter and to be ready in January/February. Obviously I failed to meet this deadline miserably.

All this time I had the pages primed for digital release. Basically a simple image. But this didn’t translate well to print AT ALL. So each page needed meticulous attention. And even then it forced myself to face printing procedure with mumbo jumbo terminology like bleed width and proper printing size that of course ate up even more time. During this time I was barely drawing the comic at all which is extremely unfortunate. However due to this, I can use this knowledge moving forward over the following years of my comic career.

Editing is frustrating, joyless but necessary work. In order to translate and communicate the best end result for readers, a lot of exhausting work must be done. My perfectionist tendencies didn’t help at all either. Every panel, word bubble, line, shade, and placement became a question, which became a never-ending debate would steal up more hours. However it gave me a grander understanding of how to create/work future pages so hopefully this investment will offer up quicker and more efficient Wedding Parties pages.

Now that it’s over I hope to begin work on Volume 2 of Wedding Parties asap. And focus on this convention which I’m realizing is just a couple days away….

Want to read the story thus far? Check us out at either our Tapastic page or Webtoons page for monthly single chapter releases, or you can purchase the self published release of Wedding Parties – Volume 1 online at our Amazon store.

To find out more about the characters and any news updates please check out the Wedding Parties official webpage.


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